The evolved look, feel and messaging is  great coffee  focused.  The identity remains dynamic and colourful, but is stronger when it comes to simple, coherent, clarity. The brand's energetic, creative spirit is suggested by the flowing logotype and a simple scribble applied across packaging, retail environment and marketing channels. The scribble is a simplification of previous creative artwork collaborations.  The brand mark is evolved. The colour palette is simplified to red and white, plus a small set of bright product range colours.  Mozzo's innovative and adventurous nature is distilled into the strapline ‘Think Outside The Cup’. The unusual business origin is reflected in the tuk tuk graphic. Both strapline and tuk tuk were used previously but are now combined and consistently applied to all product and marketing.
    A new movement in coffee via a different business structure - the COMMUNITY 2 COMMUNITY FUND
    A simplified approach to packaging is taken. The focus is on stand-out in the direct and in-direct coffee retail marketplace. The design choices emphasise the product quality and the brand’s ambition to simplifying decision making choices for the buyer.
    Packaging hints at the bigger picture. Website and other marketing channels are used to tell the real world story of the ‘Think Outside The Cup' approach - the coffee source, the coffee grower relationships, all the vigorous and engaging detail of the Mozzo adventure so far - as well as showcasing the coffee range. 
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