An interview with Mozzo Brand & Marketing Manager Kimberley Evans on entering the B2C market with the new Mozzo capsules

When I first met Founder of Mozzo Coffee Grant Lang  6 years ago and created the brand identity, he talked about launching coffee capsules. The aspiration of bringing high quality coffee at home to consumers has always been on his mind. However as with all his business decisions the method had to be within the Mozzo ethos and approached with positive impact. Mozzo Brand & Marketing Manager Kimberley Evans has carried the capsule project forward with Grant, working closely with STRONG & TOGETHER across all brand strategy and design. There are interesting challenges in introducing a new product to a new market, and differences in design decision-making for trade and consumer markets. I have asked Kim to reflect on the project and help me share some points with you.

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An interview with photographer Shannon Lee Robinson on shooting the Blackberry Cottage recipe book

When I first created the brand identity for Blackberry Cottage five years ago, founder Kate Saunders said it was a long-term ambition create a recipe book, to inspire home bakers to explore her passion for baking with vegetables. After much recipe testing, writing, photographing, designing, (and eating), Kate has published Cakes with Secret Ingredients from Aubergine to Zucchini and she has been accepted as a member of the prestigious Guild of Food Writers! I asked photographer Shannon Lee Robinson of SLR Photography to share her thoughts on shooting the Blackberry Cottage recipe book and working with STRONG & TOGETHER again.

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Sharing the sense and sensibility of designing for the Christmas market

To mark the last business networking meeting of the year Athena West Berks met at Arigato restaurant in Newbury. As a longterm member, I was asked to present on behalf of my design studio STRONG & TOGETHER. Using examples of seasonal work for clients including JING, Mozzo, Blackberry Cottage, Jax Jeans, Absolute Architecture and Burnside Partnership, as well as referencing some possible ideas for businesses in the room, I was able to offer the group some tangible top tips for how to use the Christmas season to build their brands with their customers.

Christmas is commonly treated with generic images. It’s a massively missed opportunity to really connect in a memorable way with suppliers, thank customers and share the seasonal high spirit.

As a brand expert I work with clients all year round to create brands that respond to calendar moments in an appropriate and opportune way. My top three three recommendations to making the most of Christmas are:

1 Focus

Make seasonal investment appropriate and relevant to budget and brand.

2. Go for impact

Impact means single mindedness, one well chosen image will have more impact than a multitude.

3. Show your personality

Don’t go kitsch just because it’s Christmas, unless of course kitsch is the core essence of your brand! Is your brand elegant, energetic, rustic, refined? Find ways to reflect that personality.

However large or small a company is, Christmas is an opportunity to engage and put yourself at the top of peoples’ list. It’s the brands that give Christmas that bit of extra thought and make it relevant to their brands that will make them memorable and therefore successful.