Celebrating International Women's Day 2018

Along with fellow members of Athena West Berkshire Strong & Together features in Newbury Weekly News as part of International Women's Day Feature. 

We spoke about women who have inspired us as women and professionals, and how as a female networking group, we inspire and support each other. 
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together

A key element in the growth of the business, is that as the owner and creative director, I have embedded myself in the community and grown a strong network of local contacts and customers. I’ve taken my expertise and knowledge out there and shared it. I’ve done this through membership of local networking groups, that support small and local businesses, such as Athena Network. Many referrals and collaborations have been driven from giving talks and generally looking out for opportunities for the businesses of my networking peers. It was great to be able to celebrate International Women's Day together again this year.