An interview with Mozzo Brand & Marketing Manager Kimberley Evans on entering the B2C market with the new Mozzo capsules

When I first met Founder of Mozzo Coffee Grant Lang  6 years ago and created the brand identity, he talked about launching coffee capsules. The aspiration of bringing high quality coffee at home to consumers has always been on his mind. However as with all his business decisions the method had to be within the Mozzo ethos and approached with positive impact. Mozzo Brand & Marketing Manager Kimberley Evans has carried the capsule project forward with Grant, working closely with STRONG & TOGETHER across all brand strategy and design. There are interesting challenges in introducing a new product to a new market, and differences in design decision-making for trade and consumer markets. I have asked Kim to reflect on the project and help me share some points with you. 

An interview with Mozzo Brand & Marketing Manager Kimberley Evans…


Mozzo is predominantly a B2B business, the new Mozzo capsules take the brand to B2C, why? Coffee capsules both for trade and consumer markets has been an opportunity in our sights for a while but we wanted to launch at a time when we could do so maintaining our ethos as a positive impact company. Capsules are an ideal way for us to launch into a consumer market offering our customers easy, consistent, high quality coffee at home. 

How have you maintained the positive impact ethos? We’ve worked hard to ensure packaging is practical with minimal waste and 100% recyclable. We’ve created a closed loop recycling scheme (free to our customers) to recycle 100% of the aluminum capsules, including the casing, coffee and plastic recycling bag itself. We also invest 1p per capsule into our Community2Community Fund™, ensuring a positive effect is felt throughout the coffee value chain.


What was the rationale behind the naming ’05, ’06, ’11, ’16? At Mozzo we like to keep things single minded, clear and bold. The numbers signify the years that each blend was introduced by Mozzo, these dates alongside bold colour coding make it easy for our customers to differentiate the individual blends. 

What was the biggest challenge managing the capsules brand and launch? There’s been a few but right now I’d say the specifics of consideration for the consumer packaging and nuances for localisation, for example for the French market. The consumer as a whole requires more product information than trade, which needs carefully researching, verifying and thinking through in terms of content but also packaging layout – that was a challenge, but luckily we have an incredible designer…

Of course, we are now in early stages of e-commerce launch so this is likely our most significant challenge.

Mozzo has built a thriving B2B business underpinned by excellent relationships and personal service. All trade customers have a trusted relationship with a member of the dedicated Mozzo team. One challenge moving into B2C has been to ensure that the personality and ethos of the brand are carried through and communicated. That the soul of the business is felt by consumers regardless of the more detached self-service relationship.
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together
Our aim is that all touch-points in the customer journey - from ordering on the website to the delivery box, thank you note, capsule packaging and recycling bag - enable a consumer to feel the difference of a Mozzo purchase. We want them to feel - in the same way trade customers do - the Mozzo magic.
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together
For the consumer all communications - including the packaging - have to work much harder, for example on the capsule tubes we needed to include product information, Mozzo brand story plus C2C Fund information. 
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together

What’s been the most enjoyable/rewarding part of the project? Drinking gin on a Friday night once the tubes had gone to print! But seriously, working as a complete, coherent and collaborative team. We’re still in early days of launch but so far I’d have to say seeing all the hard work come together and the orders going out at Mozzo World, our headquarters and roastery. We’re getting really positive feedback from consumers on both the product and the packaging.

What do you like most about the capsules launch? I really love the tube packaging, the hand written dates build on our brand essence and style but they have their own identity. I am very proud of the packaging and identity for the capsules, and all the team effort that went into creating it. STRONG & TOGETHER’S work on this, and everything, is truly remarkable.

Mozzo has built a reputation on its bold, single minded, creative essence. I was really important that the capsule blends were named and identified with this in mind. Using abbreviated years and bold colours with a new consumer palette was the solution. It’s as easy for a consumer to identify their favourite capsule from a choice of ‘05, ‘06, ‘11 or ‘16 , as it is for the trade customer to order more of the red, blue, green and black of the existing roast and ground blends. The numbers reflect the year the blend was launched... a nod to the brand’s established vintage in the coffee sector.
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together
Mozzo understand that it is that little bit extra design consideration which means so much to the brand and the customer experience.
— Clare Sheffield, Strong & Together

Do you have any funny stories about any part of the project? Clare, you and I laughing (and crying) that we’d stayed up until 2am to get the tubes to print only for the artwork to be sent back to us 2 weeks later needing a minor artwork tweak as the tubes had then changed size.

What was it like to work with us on the capsules project? Like it was on every other project we’ve worked with you on - collaborative, effective, insightful and very rewarding. We work with STRONG & TOGETHER on ongoing strategic and design work and always manage to get solutions that are practical yet beautiful. 


With thanks to Kim Evans at Mozzo.

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