At Strong & Together, we work with clients who are focused on creating great customer experiences and positive impact through their business vision and ambition. We specialise in Naming, Identity, Packaging and Environment. Our customers trust us to deliver great ideas-driven design to a very high standard. With a focus on consumer SME businesses, we work directly with business owners and brand directors.

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As brand experts we are always focused on making sure that what is created will attract the attention of the target audience, transform the public perception of the businesses and help to build the brand.

Please get in touch to discuss our work and how we can help your business deliver its most important messages to the specific audience that matters to you.

Ways in which we help our clients

  • re-evaluate an existing name and identity

  • take a product or service business plan forward into an entirely new brand

  • guide day-to-day brand decisions and communications as brand guardian

  • go forward with business owners year-on-year as new markets and partnerships emerge

For 10 years I searched, tried and failed to find that person that just got it, then bang in 2015 I met Clare Sheffield, Director of STRONG & TOGETHER and it was one of the 4 meetings I believe that as a business owner you have (if you’re lucky enough) that change your business, and ultimately the fortunes of you and your staff.
— Grant Lang, Mozzo, Founder

It is a privilege that Clare chose Mozzo as a partner

Clare and her team listened. They didn't judge us on the past or where we wanted to go, they simply listened. When they presented it was obvious that they understood, in fact it went deeper, far deeper than that, Clare got it, she could see what even I couldn't see, and that was powerful, a real break-through moment for Mozzo.

Since 2015 step by step the Mozzo brand and its visual identity has grown in strength and depth, forging a path that while entirely subjective has enabled it to stand apart in a mature and crowded market place. Clare has been at the centre of this, with a natural ability to digest all manner of messages and get through the noise to ensure that our brand continues to evolve and remain true to its core, while relevant to our target audience and different in its positioning compared with our peers.

I sometimes wonder where Mozzo would be if we had met Clare 5 or 10 years ago – but then again, we would not have been ready to work with such a remarkable designer and business professional. It is a privilege that Clare chose Mozzo as a partner, her dedication and ability for brand identity and positioning is unrivalled, and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.

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How we work

Our business thrives on a combination of imaginative design responses, and consistently personal service. We have close, collaborative relationships with our clients, which are clear, transparent and therefore full of trust.

We work together to create progress towards goals that have business imperatives: partnership pitches, product launches, scale ups, shop and restaurant openings, trade fairs, seasonal products. We understand the calendars of our clients and work with them.

Because of the years we have spent in the industry we know what it takes to bring a design and communication project together including the ability to pull in existing contacts or source new professionals.

Service standards

Our customers trust us to deliver great ideas-driven design to a high standard, again and again. But creativity is not everything. This ongoing trust is also built on a service level expectation – accurate, timely, as agreed. We achieve this level of service through the time we invest in fully understanding the business challenge, creating a shared understanding across the project team and delivering through a planned and staged process.

What are our Service Standards?

Clear and Transparent

Close and Collaborative

Regular and Pro-active

These are supported by a mutual service level expectation – accurate, timely, as agreed.

Where are they Specified?

Face-to-face with follow up in writing. Terms and Conditions.

How are they Applied?

Starting relationships. Face-to-face. Certainty of rate and personal contact with director from outset. No wasted time. All quotation confirmed in writing.


Our background

Clare Sheffield gained extensive experience at award winning design agency Williams Murray Hamm, where she won numerous awards and worked with a range of clients from entrepreneurs to well known brands such as Sainsbury’s, Fortnum & Mason, Barclays Bank, to name a few. Clare moved to Newbury and started independent design studio Strong & Together in 2011.